swimming pools

Where civil work is not possible / not desired we use our latest innovation ‘SGRP’ to build equally stunning pools or water features.

Prefab Pools are the latest addition from Ripples, designed for locations where civil work is not possible or not desired yet natural finishes like tiles, stone etc are required and the pool has to be portable / light weight.

Prefabricated Swimming Pool at W Resort Goa - Work in progess

A steel structure in the shape and size of the pool is made along with a GRP encapsulation using a new technology, which ensures that the pool remains portable, lightweight and yet 100% waterproof. The surface provided is suitable for cladding on site with glass mosaic tiles or stone as per the design. The pool is designed to conceal the entire plumbing and wiring below the finished floor surface to give a clean finish to the water body / swimming pool.

Prefabricated Swimming Pool at W Resort Goa - Ready

This technology is very useful in complicated designs where construction in regular civil work is difficult or where space / load bearing capacity is less and conventional wall thicknesses of civil cannot be used. The finished product is exactly like a concrete pool but without the hassles of leakage / weight etc. and can easily be relocated whenever required. Also saving construction time.

SGRP Pool - JW Marriott Areocity - Work-in-Progress

SGRP Pool - JW Marriott Areocity - Night

Key Salient Features: (SGRP V/s Civil)

  1. Light weight as compared to concrete pools, Ideal for terraces.
  2. Saves space as wall thickness is less than concrete pools.
  3. Guaranteed leak proof, no seepage problems.
  4. Factory built so no construction at site.
  5. Portable and easy to relocate.
  6. Surface finishes match concrete pools.
  7. Saves construction time.